Monday, 5 December 2011

The Knitted Beast

Well I'm sure your aware by now that I love my knit! and this week you'll see me pretty much top to toe in knitwear! But hey, it is December, and this is the North!
Here I am sporting a super long cardigan-worn as a dress. topped off with one of my favourites slouchy chunky knit cardigan from Topshop. Accessorised with my favourite colour-purple or more specifically-wine! Bag- Fiorelli, Scarf-H&M, Tights-Topshop.
...and also looking very pleased with my latest charity shop purchase! A beautiful mustard coloured jumper with button details on the shoulders.

Exciting things happening this week guys and gals, This Wednesday evening we (The Fashion Girls of Cleveland College of Art and Design) are hosting a swap shop to help raise money for our 2012 Degree show, so all hands on deck for the run up to the event!
I am however having one small problem, I can't seem to part with any of my clothes! I know its a good thing with the new year coming up and I'd like to be "out with the old and in with the new".. but I have attatchment issues with my clothes and seriously can not let go. I might need to have a serious sort through before Wednesday!
Also, this Friday University finishes for Christmas and with a series of deadlines in January I really need to get all projects rounded up!.. or santa won't be bringing me any presents! This year I have been very organised and have already wrapped some of my presents and put them under the tree, its a little early and I fear they may be shaken and poked. Luckily my trusty cats(Ben&Jerry) Have taken on the roll of guarding the presents!
Best Wishes

Swap shop

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The First Stockists of Louise Collier Designs

The first of the Louise Collier Products hit CCAD Folio shop last week, very exciting news! It was especially exciting to see someone walking around wearing one of my headbands only a day after it had been on sale.So things are going well I'd say, "Business is booming" more stock to hit the shop tommorrow, lots of uni work to be getting on with and less than a month to go before christmas.
I'm wondering wether to do some festive novelty knits for the shop too?
So far this is my display in the shop on church street, Hartlepool..
And heres what to expect in the shop tommorrow..
All Hand-knitted,
Wool Sponsered by
Bobby Davison Wools,
101 Park Road,

Money raised to go towards 2012 Cleveland College of Art and Design Fashion Degree show!
Headbands Priced at £6.25
Collars £12.50
and Mug Cosies- £3.75

All handknitted with love,

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The sponsored knitter returns..

Yes, you heard it, I’ve been sponsored an enormous amount of wool by the lovely ladies at Bobby Davison Wools, Hartlepool.  The craft morning last Wednesday went really well and after speaking with Folio (the recently opened art shop for Cleveland College of Art and Design, Church drive, Hartlepool) I have decided to make a few crafty bits and bobs to sell in order to raise money for our 2012 Fashion Degree show.
Exciting! Except, i will quite possibly be knitting for the rest of my days with this lot..

So I’ve been busy making and embellishing knitted headbands, collars and mug cosies. Each design is unique and I have combined the kindly donated wool with love, creativity and sparkles (especially for the festive period). Just some of the delights to hit the folio shop tomorrow!..

As well as getting the knitted beauties ready for the shop tomorrow I also have a heck of a lot of uni work to get done before we break up for Christmas holidays… in a little short of 3 weeks time!
So I’d better be cracking on with it!
Best wishes,
IlashFashion x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Busy Bee

..yes I have been a very busy bee.
I'm now well into our next project at university which is to design luxury lingerie for Tallulah Love
Pretty Exciting!
I am doing a vineyard inspired collection so looking at beautiful vintage shades of green and purple.
My sketchbook is overflowing with samples using a variety of techniques including embroidery, knitting with ribbon and various threads, printing and silk painting.
I have uploaded another document on if you're interested and want to peep some of my ideas.

Amongst the studies I've been keeping up the knitting, oh yes! Plenty of knitting. This time I've been going mad for knitted headbands, for next years fashion show we have to be very pro-active and fundraising mad. With Christmas fast approaching the fashion girls decided to get crafty and make some items to sell to raise money for the fashion show, so on Wednesday we will be putting on a craft morning making odd pieces of jewellery, embellishing my many headbands and crafting other various items. 
Watch this space. 
As always, Best wishes,
ILashFashion xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Goodbye & Goodluck!

So at 2pm today I handed in my David Nieper Competition and project. what a relief!
The challenge was..
“to design a collection of 5 garments aimed at fashionable and professional 50+ women. Your collections must also be appropriate for a smart 80 year old who likes to be comfortable but prides herself on an elegance that gives her natural confidence.” -
All in all I feel it went really well, the sketchbook, range plan, outfit board and moodboard all had a strong essence of the theme-inspired by the Royal Family. I called my collection “Royally Yours”

“A collection inspired by the Royal Family in all its glory”
The collection featured rich colours, jewels, Kate Middleton inspired coat dresses, The Queen and luxurious fabrics.
To see more check out my account on

I'm already getting stuck in to the next project at uni, working with Tallulah Love. Pretty excited!
Will update on that when i have more to blog about.

Best Wishes,
       ILashFashion x

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Well this has been an eventful weekend!                                                             
Amongst the piles of work and shopping trip to Teesside Park I have managed to knit 2 scarves  
1 headband and 5 mug warmers..
I fear I may have a problem,

(Above- Getting Knitty with the very clever Bryony)

On the plus side, my sketchbook for the David Nieper project is looking pretty good, I've even knitted a clasp to keep the book together. HA surprise surprise!

I have also decided to flex my entrepreneurial muscles and sell a few mug warmers on Ebay!
These lovely cosies are available now from the following link

Best wishes
IlashFashion x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3..

So I've just created my blog and done the usual tweaking of fonts and backgrounds.
This will probably be a trial layout as I am sure I will swap and change to add more of my personality and style to the site.
This one will be quick as my housemates and I are venturing out to hobbycraft and most likely hit the shops too! Leaving before 11 so I should definitely be getting washed and out of my pyjamas shortly!
Today I've opted for a little lie in as I stayed up late last night doing work on my David Nieper Project/Competition entry.
( I promise to upload and explain a little more about this project in a later post)
Its now 10.08 and I have yet to shower so I had better be off.

Bye for now,
                   Ilashfashion x