Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Goodbye & Goodluck!

So at 2pm today I handed in my David Nieper Competition and project. what a relief!
The challenge was..
“to design a collection of 5 garments aimed at fashionable and professional 50+ women. Your collections must also be appropriate for a smart 80 year old who likes to be comfortable but prides herself on an elegance that gives her natural confidence.” -http://www.fashionacademy.org/academy-content/competitions/david-nieper-student-fashion-competition-2011
All in all I feel it went really well, the sketchbook, range plan, outfit board and moodboard all had a strong essence of the theme-inspired by the Royal Family. I called my collection “Royally Yours”

“A collection inspired by the Royal Family in all its glory”
The collection featured rich colours, jewels, Kate Middleton inspired coat dresses, The Queen and luxurious fabrics.
To see more check out my account on issuu.com

I'm already getting stuck in to the next project at uni, working with Tallulah Love. Pretty excited!
Will update on that when i have more to blog about.

Best Wishes,
       ILashFashion x

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