Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hello Lincoln!

What a lovely day I’ve had. The sun has been shining and I’ve been wandering the beautiful city of Lincoln. Today I have had my interview at the University of Lincoln For their BA Hons Fashion Studies course, I think it went well but.. fingers crossed! (we know what I will be wishing for!) Amongst the excitement (and nerves..) of the interview i have been soaking up the rays on Lincolns high street! My my my, it is a delight! Moving up towards the cathedral quarter there are some gorgeous Boutiques and Vintage shops to be found! and some lovely scenery too!.. 

I also couldn’t resist popping into a quaint little wool shop called spins and needles! I had a lovely chat to the owner and managed to bag myself some more metallic wool for my FMP! As well as being invited to one of their “stitch and bitch” nights that are held the last Monday of every month… Ofcourse!
All in all a very nice day! … minus the blister my shoes have given me
Also it was my birthday on Monday, I am now 20 years and 2 days old! I had a great weekend and a lovely day on Monday..I even got a birthday crown from my lovely friend Andrea Miller (

Keep Wishing
Ilashfashion x

NB, This post was written on the 28/02/12 butI was unable to publish due to internet issues!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Vintage Spring Fling!

  So yesterday Andrea ( and I attended A Vintage Spring Fling hosted by the lovely Alex Bloundele. The event was held in The Basement, Middlesborough (just opposite the town hall). We had a range of vintage goodies for sale on our stall; bags, shoes, skirts, trousers, shorts, dresses, blouses, tops, leather jackets, knitted cardis, rings, hand knitted-headbands and collars, friendship bracelets, purses...... and EMPOWERING PANTS!

Unfortunately we only managed to get three pairs made in time to take with us due to CCAD closing early on Fridays (please revise your opening times). We took it as more of an opportunity to get people’s opinions on the pants and got a few questionnaires filled out for our market research.  Although, in the first hour of being open we had sold all three pairs- there was very positive and encouraging feedback from both customers and fellow sellers.  All in all a very good day! ..I also managed to bag myself a sequin bargain from Vintageous rags ( ..and in the process of labelling up our vintage goodies, me and Andrea did a little swapsie with our own dresses! Another sequin number from sequinsandlies-surprise surprise!

In other news, I have been in a couple of local newspapers about the David Nieper Competition.Hartlepool mail-
Fashion Academy competition-

Tomorrow I go for a meal with the other finalists and on Tuesday we have an exciting day of workshops and interviews… I cannot wait!

have been using all my eyelashes to make wishes on my success in the competition!
wish me luck!
Ilashfashion x



Thursday, 1 March 2012


As part of my course at university myself and two of my fellow students are setting up a small business. The idea- Empowering Pants We have decided to incorperate "empowering" and inspirational quotes on to the knickers so that the pant-wearer can feel confident and go about their day with the feeling that they are unique and beautiful, like empowering pants themselves- Unique and Beautiful!
each pair is handmade with love in the UK!
given the care and attention every knicker deserves!
......Empowering Pants, to empower your soul x
Digitally Printing Pattern pieces after they had been scanned in, edited in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and then sent to print on a lovely soft cotton! 29/02/12

Production begins 1/3/12- Andrea ( and I have been working hard in the studios today to get pants ready for their weekend debut at A Vintage Spring Fling in Middlesborough (3/3/12)!/events/126116884176878/

In the words of Blue Peter, heres a few we made earlier..
Small and Large Varieties with different quotes, some cream and some black lace. Size M to follow shortly(due to printing accident)
watch this space for more on empowering pants,
pants to empower your soul x
Best Wishes,