Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The sponsored knitter returns..

Yes, you heard it, I’ve been sponsored an enormous amount of wool by the lovely ladies at Bobby Davison Wools, Hartlepool.  The craft morning last Wednesday went really well and after speaking with Folio (the recently opened art shop for Cleveland College of Art and Design, Church drive, Hartlepool) I have decided to make a few crafty bits and bobs to sell in order to raise money for our 2012 Fashion Degree show.
Exciting! Except, i will quite possibly be knitting for the rest of my days with this lot..

So I’ve been busy making and embellishing knitted headbands, collars and mug cosies. Each design is unique and I have combined the kindly donated wool with love, creativity and sparkles (especially for the festive period). Just some of the delights to hit the folio shop tomorrow!..

As well as getting the knitted beauties ready for the shop tomorrow I also have a heck of a lot of uni work to get done before we break up for Christmas holidays… in a little short of 3 weeks time!
So I’d better be cracking on with it!
Best wishes,
IlashFashion x

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