Monday, 14 November 2011

Busy Bee

..yes I have been a very busy bee.
I'm now well into our next project at university which is to design luxury lingerie for Tallulah Love
Pretty Exciting!
I am doing a vineyard inspired collection so looking at beautiful vintage shades of green and purple.
My sketchbook is overflowing with samples using a variety of techniques including embroidery, knitting with ribbon and various threads, printing and silk painting.
I have uploaded another document on if you're interested and want to peep some of my ideas.

Amongst the studies I've been keeping up the knitting, oh yes! Plenty of knitting. This time I've been going mad for knitted headbands, for next years fashion show we have to be very pro-active and fundraising mad. With Christmas fast approaching the fashion girls decided to get crafty and make some items to sell to raise money for the fashion show, so on Wednesday we will be putting on a craft morning making odd pieces of jewellery, embellishing my many headbands and crafting other various items. 
Watch this space. 
As always, Best wishes,
ILashFashion xx

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