Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Holidays?

It’s Easter holidays but there is no rest for the hardworking fashion students at Cleveland College of Art and Design.  Well into the swing of final major projects and May deadlines are looming! I managed to get most of outfit 1 and the shell of outfit 2 finished so that I would be able to do the more time consuming tasks of knitting and crocheting over Easter break. As you may or may not now from my numerous previous posts about knitting, I’m a dab hand at it- crocheting on the other hand has always been a mystery to me. Until the other day when I went to my lovely Auntie Di’s and learnt a few of the basics, since then it’s been youtube videos and experimenting to get the right effect I wanted. Heres a few sneek peaks..

Today I managed to finish the sleeves on outfit number 2 and crochet a little black drawstring bag to accompany the outfit. It’s always a danger bringing the sewing machine out in my house because I get bombarded with things that need a little seamstress attention! .. on this occasion it was the tablecloth that needed a little adjustment. So it’s been a busy Easter and guaranteed to be even busier on my return to University on Monday! Hopefully I will hear back from University of Lincoln for my third year soon.. the suspense is killing me. It will be a tough decision if I get the offer, as I’ve also been offered a place at De Montfort University in Leicester. All very exciting things on the cards at the minute.. wish me luck!
As always,
Best Wishes